Many of you are familiar with my recordings that are posted at several sites online. Like Literotica, and my own sexychatwithsharon. I’ve done voice over work for many years now, adult and non adult. I’ve amassed several thousand recordings I’ve done, and many clients have been kind enough to give me permission to post the stories they wrote. Some have asked for names to be edited out, others have not if a common name and no last name mentioned. Others do only wish for the recordings I make for them to remain private, so I cannot share those ones, but most have been happy to allow me to share them, I always ask if I think it’s something someone else might enjoy as well. Some enjoy me sharing them so much, they’ve even asked me to forward them any feedback I’ve gotten from them!

I decided to make this little site as an accessory to my Subscribe Star account, since a few subscribers were not happy with the lack of the ability to search audios by category, tag, topic, key words, etc. That is not my doing, it’s just how the site is designed. So I thought if I made a little site where I categorize and add tags of keywords, it might help ones looking for specific audios, rather than the endless scrolling and searching they have to do on the website. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

Also, unless ones are subscribing and paying, they cannot even read the descriptions of the audios or see the little pictures. A title alone is usually not going to be enough to entice someone to join. I do wish there was an option to write a little synopsis like I have done for each audio, and have that be able to seen by everyone, subscribed or not, but again, that is not my doing, just how the Subscribe Star website is designed. I added a little picture for each audio to give ones a tiny idea what it’s about in addition to the short synopsis.